Tuesday Run Report – Week Whatever Training

I’ll wait for all of you to recover from your respective heart attacks, because I know how shocked you are that I actually put out two posts in the same week on time.

This is what I imagine most of you look like when I promise a blog post and don’t deliver.

I’m trying a new posting schedule whereby I post about only one day at a time. I think part of the reason I fell so behind recently is because trying to remember two, three, or four days back is to me what remembering your own birth is to you.

Tuesday – 5 Miles, Check!

I started Tuesday on a high note by discovering and deleting a selfie that I’d unleashed upon the world via Twitter the night before. My selfie game is admittedly weak, and somehow I managed to turn a guy who usually looks like this:


Into some sort of hobo-lumberjack-troll-man:

I have dutifully accepted the lifetime ban imposed upon me by everyone with eyesight.

I have dutifully accepted the lifetime ban imposed upon me by everyone with eyesight.

Anyway, it’s posted here now for posterity’s sake, but I’m not inflicting it on Twitter anymore. I’m just inflicting it on you guys. You lucky few. You band of brothers.

After a workday that featured, as one of the high points of the day, my spending an hour trying to find the name of a song that I needed to use for a video I’m producing, five miles was a welcome, welcome stress-reliever.

After 45 of HEARING the song in my head over and over and not being able to find the title.

Five miles passed by in what felt like five minutes, and as it turns out I ran a pretty great pace for me – 10:00 on the dot.

Having said that, I need to run about fifteen more of these to undo the damage I did this past weekend.

I regret nothing. NOTHING.

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