Monday Run Report – I’ve Given Up on Putting Weeks Here

Friday – Eat Like a Horse, FAIL

Yes, you read that right. If you read my darling wife’s write-up of our dinner with Jenn and Erick at Del Frisco’s Grille, you’ll note that I ate light and healthy on Friday night.

I know. It doesn’t make any sense to me either. But to be fair, the kale and brussels sprouts salad that I had SOUNDS terrible but was actually not terrible. Still, I think it’s probably some sort of galactic crime that I went to a restaurant like Del Frisco’s Grille and didn’t get an artery-clogging Lamb Burger or a heart-exploding Cheesy MegaSteak with Extra Salt and Lard.

My reaction when the waiter asked if I wanted Parmesan Garlic Fries and I’M TRYING TO BE HEALTHY JESUS.

Still, it was delicious and a fantastic time with friends.

Also, no running took place on Friday. I should probably have mentioned that first.


Saturday – “Some Like it Cold 10k”, CHECK!

Saturday was cold. Not “I think I just lost a toe” cold, but still cold. Especially for Fort Worth. Then again, I might have expected this from an event called “Some Like it Cold”.

Once we started running, it was totally fine, but the 45 minutes leading up to the gun were less than tropical, to say the least.

Honestly, the cold didn’t bother me that much (I was wearing a long-sleeve tee and running shorts), but others… ahem… had slightly different reactions.

This was Sarah from arrival through gun.

By contrast, these were the children who were there that morning. I swear to God children are a different species.

This is Sarah’s reaction to the .gif and caption I posted above. LOVE YOU BABE.

All joking aside, it was a great morning for a 10k down Trinity Trails. We even ran into one of our friends from SHAGFitness / CrossFit L3, Aaron, and his lovely wife and child-spawn.

Running up to Aaron and saying hello. Honestly the ONLY difference from real life is that I’m not a white guy playing a latino.

Sarah did GREAT and finished the 10k about a minute faster than her previous best – and that’s without any speed training! She says she doesn’t like running all that much, but I think she’s lying because aside from the death-stares when I tell her that I’ve signed her up for a race, she always seems to have a great time and do really well.

That night, Sarah and I ate a celebratory dinner at Reata (hello, new Christmastime tradition!) which is one of our favorite restaurants ever in the history of mankind.

Unlike Friday’s dinner, I arrived at Reata ready to EAT ALL THE THINGS.

Sarah ordered the I-don’t-remember-because-I-was-busy-burying-my-face-in-meaty-cheesy-goodness, and I had the carne asada and enchilada plate, which seems like an odd choice until you realize that it’s probably the best thing on their menu that isn’t a $40 steak.

I ate with reckless abandon, and, well… probably paid for it the next day.


Sunday – 11 Miles, CH-FAIL

Sunday’s run was just… odd. It was supposed to be a relatively easy 11 miles down Trinity Trails.

I slept great Saturday night, only had two glasses of wine at dinner, and had a light but filling breakfast at Yogi’s with our friends Albert and Britsi on Sunday morning before I headed out for the run.

I’ve never had a problem with long runs, and not two weeks ago I ran 10 miles without any issue whatsoever.

But for whatever reason, I hit some sort of wall around mile three and I just couldn’t keep going.

My legs weren’t sore from the day before. I had plenty of sleep and food and water in me. The weather was gorgeous. I wanted to run.

Let me repeat that. I wanted to run.

But for some reason, after mile three, I just couldn’t. I ended up turning around at mile three and walking back to my truck.


I have no idea what was going on with me, but I’m sure it was just some kind of one-time fluke and I’ll be a-OK for the test 13.1 miler that I’m set to do this coming Saturday.

Oh, and since this will probably be my last blog post before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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